Youth Work In Trades

Are you interested in…

… becoming a youth apprentice?

… making money while you’re still in high school?

… earning up to 16 credits outside the timetable?

… qualifying for a $1000 scholarship?

The Youth Work in Trades program lets you start the work-based training component of a trade apprenticeship while you are still in high school. By finding a sponsor employer and registering with the ITA as a youth apprentice, you can earn 16 credits towards your high-school diploma and 480 hours towards your trade credential.

Ways to Become a Youth Work in Trades Student:

  • You, or your parents, may know an employer/red seal journeyman that is willing to hire you
  • Work with your school career coordinator to find an employer that will hire you as a youth apprentice
  • Develop a relationship with an employer through work experience, and then get hired as an SSA

The Industry Training Authority (ITA) manages over one hundred apprenticeable and Red Seal trades. To explore these trades, visit the ITA website.

For more information drop by the Career Centre and discuss your options with Ms. Condie.