Dual Credit Courses at Spectrum


Top 6 Reasons to take the Dual Credit option

  • Your tuition is covered by your school district
  • Credits earned go directly toward your High School and Post Secondary transcripts
  • Most courses are transferable to other colleges and universities
  • Avoids the five-course crunch in your first year. Five can be a lot!
  • Build your confidence going into future options
  • Understand post-secondary culture and terminology

Grade 11 Spectrum Student can apply to take one or a combination of these courses here at Spectrum School taught cooperatively by a Spectrum teacher and a Camosun Instructor. Students applying for the Dual Credit program will need to ensure their career choice aligns with the dual credit courses transition pathway. The courses offered are:

Accounting 12/Accounting 110  

E-Commerce 12 / Marketing 110

Economics 12 / Economics 103  

Criminology 12 / Criminology 154

Business Computer Applications 12 / Business 140

Visual Arts Studio 12 / Art 102                   

Physics 12 / Physics 104

Strength & Conditioning / Kinesiology 120

Psychology 12 / Psychology 130

20th Century History / History 106

Some courses will have co-requisites (courses taken before or at the same time as the Dual Credit course) or pre-requisites (courses taken before the Dual Credit course or an assessment). Students will be responsible for purchasing the textbook. There will be a small Camosun College entry fee as well as paperwork required to take this course.

See Ms. Condie soon for more information. Space is limited