Timeline for Grade 12’s


Students should be thinking about:

– Am I taking the right courses in order to accomplish my goals?
– When/how do I apply?
– What do I need to apply? (PEN Numbers, Payment, etc.)
– Self-reporting (Dec and March report cards)
– GPA University Admission Averages and 1st Applied, 1st Registered Universities and Colleges
– Trades/Technology Advantages
– Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries
– Where to Find Financial Awards

-Open Houses and Info Sessions start in October – these will be updated every few months on the calendar

Visit the Career Centre if you have questions!


​All applications to universities and colleges in Canada are available in October.

For applyingyou will need:
-PEN Number-Provincial Education Number (9-digit identity number from the Provincial Ministry of Education)
EducationPlannerBC.ca for BC universities and colleges.
Ontario Post-Secondary Schools – OUAC – use the 105D form – apply by mid-January for early admission if possible.
Earlier for Major scholarships.
SAT Exams for U.S.A Post-Secondary Institutions  ( Tests should have been completed in your Gr.11 year)

Starting Nov.  Student Transcript Service
This form allows the Ministry of Education to send your Semester 2 (mid-May) report card to BC universities and the final transcript (July) to any post-secondary institution you choose on the form.
On this form put a check in the box for all BC institutions. If you have applied to an institution in another province or country, you can designate this too.


Regardless if you activate this form, if a post-secondary school requests you to self-report your marks or to send an official sealed transcript, please do so.
Semester 1 is available at the end of January ( mid-February) and Semester 2 in mid-May.

UBC Info
If you apply to UBC before Dec. 1st, UBC will be using Grade 11 marks for the following September conditional admission. Students will then self-report their Semester 2 Grade 12 marks in mid-March for admission confirmation.

Major Entrance Scholarship: If you want to be considered for the Major Entrance Scholarship at UBC, you will need to apply before Dec. 1st.


Semester 1 Report
OUTSIDE OF BC, post-secondary institutions will usually use an early admission process based on the Semester 1 (mid-Feb) report card or your Final Grade 11 marks.

Applications and Acceptance Emails
Save the post-secondary registration number in a safe place.
Acceptance is always conditional upon graduating in July and maintaining good grades.

Students wanting to go to USA universities should have their applications in and their SAT’s booked or done by January.


Admission Deadlines-Deadlines vary per institution.
Every Post Secondary Institution is different and changes yearly! Check with the institution you are applying to for their deadlines.

Accessing Your Personal Site (Login) on the Post-Secondary Institution Website:
Use the Post-secondary ID number issued to you and (most often) your birthdate.
Some universities/colleges such as UBC have students create a personal site in order to apply.

Students will start receiving emails and letters from universities (outside BC), asking for up-to-date marks.
They will want your final Grade 11 and semester 1 Grade 12 marks (available mid-February) self-reported for early admission.
Most post-secondary institutions do not want a paper transcript and use an online system.
Please ensure you activate your “Post-secondary Information Choices” form to ensure your final transcript will be sent.

Scholarships/Awards applications are now being advertised
Most major Canadian university entrance scholarships/awards have a January/February deadline.
Some are December 1st – check your school of choice.
Look into places of employment, unions, financial institutions and organizations to which your parents and grandparents belong because these groups may offer an award.


Self-report your Semester 1 marks to the post-secondary institutions that have this service. Your Semester 2 will be viewable mid- May.  Use your personal site (Login) on the institution’s website to self-report.


School Awards and District Awards 
A list of the Community Awards, applications, and the District Award application are available after Spring Break.
​Very few awards are nominated so students must apply.


Semester 2 marks are released to Post-Secondary Institutions
Your final Grade 11 and Grade 12 Semester 2 marks (mid-May) are released to the universities by the Ministry of Education in late May to determine faculty entrance percentages and entrance awards.
Your transcripts will be released by the Ministry of Ed. because you activated the online “PSI” form through your Student Transcript Service Account

Conditional Acceptance from BC Universities
BC universities offer “conditional acceptance” and a registration date based on your Semester 2 marks.
Acceptance is always conditional upon graduating and maintaining good marks.
University and College admission percentages vary: it should be on their website but if you can’t find it, contact the Career Centre.

University and College notification 
Universities and colleges will be sending out emails (usually through your login website) to notify students of procedures and registration times based on your transcript.
All students planning to attend post-secondary must attend a registration meeting or webinar at their chosen post-secondary institution.

1.  Pay the registration fee ($100 to $400 depending on the school and program) before your registration time.
2.  Pay your Housing registration fee if you are going into student housing.
3.  Make sure the  TOEFL/IELTS tests are done if you need to do them.
(Most universities want Language results (TOEFL, ILETS etc.) by April.

Access your provincial scores at the end of July. And have a great summer!