Technology Pathway

Not sure if the full program is for you? Try a Springboard!

These are new program bundles to SIP, that give you a sample of what it is like to study Technology at Camosun College while still attending high school. All of these course bundles will transfer to their related programs should you choose to continue studying after high school making your first full year of College less hectic! See Ms. Cielen or Ms. Condie for more information and to apply.







Computer Network Electronics Technician

Invent and improve

The Computer Network Electronics Technician certificate program has a practical career-oriented approach, giving you the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to be able to install, repair, and maintain computers, servers, computer networks, and electronic systems.

Why become a Computer Network Electronics Technician?

This program will prepare you for an in-demand, exciting career. Because the curriculum is in line with industry demands, you’ll graduate with full competency for the workplace. Computer Network Electronics Technicians are responsible for the installation and maintenance of computer networking systems, microprocessor-based equipment and personal computers. Your knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD), analog and digital circuit assembly, consumer electronics and technical sales support will make you an invaluable member of any IT firm.

This is a full-time ten-month program at Camosun’s Interurban Campus.

For more information or to apply drop by the Career Centre and discuss your options with Ms. Cielen or Ms. Condie.

Information & Computer Systems Technician/Technology

Fundamental knowledge of computing systems

The Information and Computer Systems program prepares you for work locally and globally in database design and management, network software design, administration, and operations and maintenance of networks and software.

As an ICS student, you’ll learn to think critically, problem-solve both individually and as a team, and communicate effectively with all levels of IT users.

You will learn concrete skills, including how to:

  • the program, deploy, secure, and maintain software applications to meet requirements
  • design, analyze, maintain, and interpret data
  • apply knowledge of basic project management skills to information technology activities
  • effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues, team members, employers, and technical and non-technical personnel

As a graduate of the one-year Information and Computer Systems Technician certificate program, you’ll be prepared to work locally in the exciting world of information technology. A variety of computer-related careers, including programming, web development, and customer service in all types of organizations are open to you.

For more information or to apply drop by the Career Centre and discuss your options with Ms.Cielen or Ms. Condie.

Interactive Media Developer

If you’re artistically and technologically minded, the Interactive Media Developer (IMD) program will nurture your programming skills and artistic vision to take on creative and technical challenges.

You’ll learn the skills you need to take an idea or a problem and develop it from concept to production. You’ll get the opportunity to write professional documentation, design and implement stories or games, and apply your knowledge to create your own interactive experiences. Optional work terms will complement your coursework with added hands-on experience.

For more information or to apply drop by the Career Centre and discuss your options with Ms. Cielen or Ms. Condie.